Outlook 2013: OOF no traffic from External (through Kemp) [SOLVED]

HI all

This morning i have to cope with a strange Behavior With outlook 2013. From outside Outlook refuse to connect to OOF Web services.

Well the A record exist the port is listening but the weird behavior is that outlook don’t try to connect to OOF. I use Wireshark to capture all the frames and I can’t see any tentative from my workstation to address the expected public address of the published Webservices. I can see the traffic of RpcOverHttp but absolutely no oof traffic which is published on another IP Address.

The Outlook reaction is very fast to display that OOF is not accessible… Weird. I don’t think for the moment that it is a web services configuration problem.

I try to use another profile to another account (Office 365) and OOF Works.

I have supposed that Outlook 2013 verify when he start if he can access to EWS.

Well after searching and searching I find a tools who records all URL accessed by your workstation. (Proximotron) by using it and indicate in the IE the proxy as localhost 8080. I was able to see what Url is accessed by the Outlook. And in my big surprise. The outlook use from external the internal URL address of Webservices. Intexweb.xxx.aero should be extexweb.xxx.aero.

Don’t ask me why. When I check the autoconfiguration option with Outlook client the result are these one which is not correct.

But when I ask to the Ews configuration internally I can see that the configuration is correct

I decided to change the internal value of these InternalUrl and set the same as external and yes it works.

So Kemp is not in fault. The real question is why the internal urls is used instead of external while using HTTP connection !!

Laurent Teruin


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