Exchange 2013 Edge CU5 : Edge Issue with DNS Event Id 2000 and 205. No Dns could be retrieved

It is started with a warning related to edge poor performance. After looking on the fresh edge server I discovered that I have warning in the event viewer

Each day have an exchange 2013 issue. Our both edges have these warning

No DNS servers could be retrieved from network adapter 9f574acc-20d7-45c3-8a75-c967825b6ae4. Check if the computer is connected to a network and Get-NetworkConnectionInfo returns any results.



Log Name: Application
Source: MSExchangeTransport
Date: 9/19/2014 11:58:01 AM
Event ID: 2000
Task Category: SmtpSend
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: SrvExc04.xxxx.xxxx.loc
Send connector a826f0d0-76a0-4768-b347-57de55f00571: A DNS failure occurred with the following diagnostic information The DNS query for ‘SmartHostConnectorDelivery’:’,’:’a826f0d0-76a0-4768-b347-57de55f00571′ failed with error : ErrorRetry.


But the configuration with the DNS is correct and the mono Nic edge computer could resolve correctly all internal internet names

Name : Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
DnsServers : {}
IPAddresses : {}
AdapterGuid : 9f574acc-20d7-45c3-8a75-c967825b6ae4
MacAddress : 00:50:56:8E:25:3E
Identity : 9f574acc-20d7-45c3-8a75-c967825b6ae4
IsValid : True
ObjectState : Unchanged

If i perform a Get-transportserver iv got this

[PS] C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Scripts>Get-TransportServer | fl | more
WARNING: The Get-TransportServer cmdlet will be removed in a future version of Exchange. Use the Get-TransportService
cmdlet instead. If you have any scripts that use the Get-TransportServer cmdlet, update them to use the
Get-TransportService cmdlet. For more information, see


Name : xxxx
AntispamAgentsEnabled : False
ConnectivityLogEnabled : Trueµ
ConnectivityLogMaxAge : 30.00:00:00
ConnectivityLogMaxDirectorySize : 1000 MB (1,048,576,000 bytes)
ConnectivityLogMaxFileSize : 10 MB (10,485,760 bytes)
ConnectivityLogPath : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange
DelayNotificationTimeout : 04:00:00
ExternalDNSAdapterEnabled : True
ExternalDNSAdapterGuid : 9f574acc-20d7-45c3-8a75-c967825b6ae4
ExternalDNSProtocolOption : Any
ExternalDNSServers : {}
ExternalIPAddress :
InternalDNSAdapterEnabled : True
InternalDNSAdapterGuid : 9f574acc-20d7-45c3-8a75-c967825b6ae4
InternalDNSProtocolOption : Any

And frrm the Edge with cmdline DNS works perfectly!!!!!! So what is wrong with the transport? The Dns is correct and the machine can resolve correctly!

Default Server: ddi.XXX.loc
> srvexc01.XXXX.loc
Server: ddi.XXX.loc
Name: srvexc01.XXXX.loc
> srvexc02.XXXX.loc
Server: ddi.XXXX.loc
Name: srvexc02.XXX.loc

The Ip configuration is this one

And the Network card are listed here

For how to get this please refer ti this article

Useless links :


I set the DNS for this server with the following command

set-transportserver -server srvexc04 -ExternalDNSServers -InternalDNSServers

Restart the transport service and No Way ! still have the event id 205 !

Do you want to laugh? Change the Ip configuration and ask to the edge to register his record to the DNS Server.

(Not very simple if you use a public one !) Restart your edge server and you will not have the eventid anymore. But on the system log you will have en warning message.
The system failed to register network adapter with settings:

At this time I could not find better!!

Exchange 2013 a so fresh version!









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