Convert your TRIO 8800 for Microsoft Teams in 10 Minutes

Method 1 : Your Trio have access to Internet and the device is able to connect to Polycom Hosted server

  1. Use an Internet Explorer or Edge Browse
  2. Type the Ip adress of your Trio. : The Ip Address could be retreived directly from the device

  3. Go to Utility Software Upgrade

and click on Check For Update

Choose the last version

And validate the Install

The Trio will reboot and update the Device. it can take up to 5 minutes

Method 2: Update the Trio with An USB key

If your trio don’t have access to Internet… (I don’t see how the team client could works in this case ) you can use a USB Key

1 – Get And USBKey In Fat 32

2 – Go to

  1. – Download the last Firmware

  2. – Extract the zip Content in the USb Key Root
  3. – Go in front of the device and plug the USB Key

  4. The device will ask for a password (Default is 456) and will read the USB Content . this Operation could takes up to 5 Minutes
  5. – The device will reboot. After the reboot you can remove your USB Key
  6. – Go to the web interface and check if the device has been updated (it should !)

    Choose now on the Simple Setup menu the Teams Client

    The device will reboot and launch the Team Client.

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