Microsoft Teams: Help my users come back!

The effect of the confinement and the generalization of teleworking has led to the rapid and massive deployment of Visio conferencing tools and in particular Microsoft Teams.

This rapid generalization was made possible thanks to the fact that the Teams client could easily be installed on the workstations of the company’s employees and thanks to Microsoft collaboration services which, despite the high demand, have met and continue to meet customer expectations.

Users from their homes can easily go out on the Internet in the most direct way possible. They do not use the company’s internal networks, they do not use the bandwidth of the company’s networks and they do not go through the security devices of the internal networks (firewall, proxy). They establish a direct connection from their homes to Microsoft’s nearest connection points. Apart from the presence of low bandwidth among some employees, the conditions are ideal for them to be able to make audio calls and participate in conferences.

However, and fortunately for everyone, this solution will not last and our dear users will gradually return home with their habits. So the legitimate question that we must ask you is the following:

Are you sure that your environments will be ready to provide the same quality of service when everyone goes home?

Teams communication flows have special requirements that are not necessarily present within internal networks and that, in their absence, can very strongly degrade the user experience. It is therefore high time to prepare yourself for the return of your users who are now familiar with video and audio conferences.

Laurent TERUIN

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